Features & Benefits

The IDAT CAD system offers many advantages over other systems used in the Precast Industry. When you add up all the benefits there is simply nothing else that comes close.
IDAT combines the easy to use AutoCAD interface with a high degree of automation which will slash your drawing time, and becasue it is 3D it will also be more accurate.
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Repetitive Work is Reduced or Eliminated

Automated routines in IDAT remove the large amount of repetitive and tedious work that precast design can generate.  Panels can be split quickly and the system automatically adds reo, lifters, prop points and connections. IDAT also generates shop drawings for a whole job with just the click of a mouse.
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Watch Your Project Grow in 3D

The 3D IDAT model allows any errors made by the draftman to be easily seen and fixed.  The system also has a direct link between the shop drawings and the model so if you change one, the other is automatically updated.
CLICK HERE to see how an IDAT model and a Steel model can be checked against each other.

Customise IDAT to Suit Your Business

IDAT will be configured to meet your exact requirements.  Things like drawing layouts, components and connections are just some examples of what can be configured to suit you.
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The System can Grow as Your Business Grows

IDAT can be progessively built up via a series of modules, each of which is optimised for a particular type of precast element.  This keeps the cost down and allows you to expand your system when it suits you.
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Local Support is Just a Phone Call Away

Unlike other precast CAD programs, Reid offers full support for your IDAT system.  We will setup the system to suit you and help you get the most out the software as quickly as possible.
Call 1300 PRECAST or email cad@reid.com.au for enquires or support.

IDAT Integrates Precast Design with Shop Floor Production
With the addition of the Transport and Palletization modules, IDAT can be used to plan the job from design, to manufacture, to transport to the site.
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IDAT also creates data for running laser plotting machines which will add further efficiencies to your factory.
Detailed Project Reports at the Click of a Button

Everything you create in the IDAT CAD model is captured in an integrated Access database.  This means a complete take off for an entire project takes only a few seconds.
CLICK HERE to see an example of a Bill of Materials generated using IDAT

IDAT is as Easy to Use as AutoCAD

IDAT's familiar AutocAD interface means that if you are comfortable with AutoCAD you will quickly become efficient with IDAT.  Also all of the free Autodesk tools such as Design Review and TrueView are compatable with IDAT.
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